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March 2003 - New Main!

It was a calm overcast day, with gusts to 2 knots... perfect for bending on a new sail and getting all the lines rigged, but not so great for taking pictures of the sail's shape.

There's a pretty stiff full batten
at the very top.

I might want to get something more flexible up there so I can have a little more flexibility twisting the sail, but we'll see how it acts
when there's a breeze.

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I had Quantum put the old C&C stripes on the sail.
That should be enough of a logo.

It's loose footed.

The outhaul.

I have an 8:1 purchase inside the boom, which should make the loose footed main easy to adjust.

The first reef point is much higher on this sail... The old one had the first reef point only about 3 feet up, but for casual sailing I like a deeper reef.

My reef lines were *just* long enough. Six inches shorter and I'd have had to replace them! This is rather nice, though I wish I had another couple of feet. At least they'll be out of the way when the main's all the way up. I think I'll cut the second reef lines down a bit now too.

For details on the layout see the cabin top page.

My only problem was
with the SLUGS, which I replaced...