First Haulout -- May 2001

s/v Stella Blue or Hauls or Home

C&C Landfall 38, Hull #90

Here's the first look at the bottom, hull and keel configuration.
Fortunately, the pictures don't show 90 per cent of the dirt!
This boat needs some engine work, fuel system cleaning and the topsides buffed out with some polishing compound before we can splash.
Maybe by memorial day 2001?

That's just before we can splash... let alone when we can sail into the teeth of a 35 knot breeze with confidence and comfort. That's going to take some work.
The boat needs a complete refit. It has been abandoned for years.

I'll put more pictures up after she's out of the boat yard.
Right now (May 2001) the interior's in a tumble
and the deck is cluttered with boatyard footprints.