Splash after First Haulout - May 2001

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Wow! I really didn't think the topsides would clean up this well! There was crud on the topsides so old that it was faired in and looked like poor gelcoat repair. I thought I was going to have to paint the boat!

This really is a beautiful boat, it just needs to be taken care of.

Here's a picture of the rudder... and the new prop.

I went with a 2 blade for sailing performance. I sure hope I can still control this big boat when backing up under power!

(Later, I replaced the two blade
with a 3 blade Campbell Prop,
and finally with an Autostream.)

As pretty as the hull and topsides are, I almost hated to put this boat in the water.

After all, the deck, rig and everything else was still a BIG MESS!