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Here's the drawing from "Boatwatch".

This layout matches Stella Blue. Of the different interior layouts available for this model, this one is my least favorite. However, this boat was in California -- the only one I could find. The boats with other layouts were on the East Coast, and were asking over $10K more. When you figure the cost of multiple trips back to check out and buy a boat on the east coast, plus the cost of trucking it back, the tab was over $20K. I figured I'd spend the money customizing this layout to be the way I want.

I have replaced the small quarterberth with a
navigation station and added a
U shaped galley, which adds a counter and storage, shortening the port main salon cabin bench. Some models also offer a separate shower, but mine doesn't.

Note the shoal draft -- 5 feet.

Also, note the full bulkhead with closing door that separates the "sailing and control" part of the boat with the "living" part of the boat. This will come in handy if, for instance, a CAT needs to be kept secure during a trip.