1981 C&C Landfall 38 "Stella Blue" -- 2001 Maintenance Log

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5/20/2001 - Bought the boat. Survey and Haulout.

5/22/2001 - Buffed out the topsides. Darn, I didn't expect it to come out this good! Paid mechanic to pull exhaust manifold, inspect exhaust riser, and perform complete engine maintenance, including valve adjustment. Replace all fuel filters. Change Oil. Fuel tank is full of salt. Must polish and scrub tank.

5/23/2001 - Paint Bottom. New Prop, zincs.

5/27/2001 - Memorial Day Weekend. 15 hours scrubbing the deck. All gunk is gone. Most of the teak is ready for a quick sanding and varnish -- the gray was actually just dirt. Pulled the lines off the boat. Scrubbed the rub rail with soft-scrub and a scotch-brite pad. Followed the scrub with an acetone rubdown to renew rub rail. Looks good. ----- Spent 6 hours at the pumpout station. 38 Gallon holding tank had not been emptied for years. Nasty. Holding tank vent was plugged by salt, couldn't pump out. Y valve leaked raw sewage into the bilge. Finally got lines clear and tank emptied. Filled tank with fresh water and pumped out. Repeated. Emptied a quart of bleach into tank, then two bottles of Lysol concentrate, then filled tank with water. I'm going to let this slosh around for a while while I deal with other projects. Eventually the whole system is coming out, but I want it to be sanitized and deodorized by that time.

6/4/2001 - Spent some time figuring out fuel system. Replaced port cockpit drain hose. The starboard hose still needs to be finished. Cleaned interior.

6/10/2001 - Replaced starboard cockpit drain hose. Disassembled and cleaned traveler car, so that the sheaves now turn. Replaced missing bearing on traveler car with new 316 SS Bearing from McMaster/Carr. Studied engine panel wiring and tested with multimeter, confirmed that ignition switch was bad. Hot-wired the engine and started it. Interesting, I noted that even with all breakers off, the engine panel was hot. I want to think about this some more, but it seems to me it should be wired through a breaker. If it's protected by a fuse, it's in my best interests to find out where it is...

6/17/2001 - Changed Transmission Fluid. Ran engine in gear at the dock for 8 hours, just looking and listening. Fuel gauge went down, though I'd like to see it go down to 1/4 tank to make sure it isn't blocked by baffles. Checked to see if engine burns oil -- it doesn't. Racor filter needs to be changed again.

7/4/2001 -- Spent last two weekends building Dingy Dock. Out of control project.... Soaked all old running rigging in Tide,Bleach,Downy mixture for two weeks and then washed at laundromat. It's all to be replaced, but I'll keep the old lines around as spare rope.

7/14 - 8/12/2001 - Been pulling deck hardware and filling holes. Stay tuned. Began building dual bilge pump rig. Stay tuned. Sewing Sunbrella covers for all the teak. Fixed emergency tiller -- the tiller was mounted backwards on the bracket that fits over the top of the rudder, so it couldn't actually be used because it couldn't clear the cockpit.

8/17/2001 - Checked oil, added 1/2 a quart. Now 3/4 up between min and max. Turned fuel off and ran engine dry. Practiced bleeding fuel system, restarted engine. Installed sunbrella covers for Toe rails between bow and amidships. Checked fit for sunbrella covers on front dorade boxes. Whipped ends on all old running rigging and checked lines for integrity.

8/25/2001 - Drilled holes in the deck to add new deck block for main sheet.
Added new canvas for handrails and dorade boxes. Rigged main sheet. Bolted down new cam cleats for traveler lines. Began to lay out cabin top hardware, new spin-locks and so on. Nothing's bolted down yet, just checking the leads to make sure they're fair.

9/4/2001 -Painted Aft Cabin with Interlux Single Part Polyurethane (off white) with 4 oz of Flattening Agent per quart. Added through hulls for both new bilge pumps. Pulled Hose for one pump, stalled on the other as I'll need to pull the cabin sole to cut holes to route the hose, which means removing the batteries (long story). Pulled wire for bilge pumps back to panel. Replace O-Rings around inspection port of water tanks.

9/15/2001 - Finished running hoses for new bilge pumps.

9/21/2001 - Pulled Mast, Rig. Sanded, prepped and primed mast. Worked on Mast Collar. Tough week.

10/7/2001 - Removed all hardware from boom. Sanded. Prepped for paint (acid wash, etcetera.) Completed mast collar installation. Pulled chain plates (i.e. through-bolted U Bolts.)

10/14/2001 - Finished painting boom. Filled chain plate holes with epoxy plugs, prior to reseating.

11/3/2001 - In the last two weeks I ground out the mast step area, layed 6 layers of fiberglass across the hull to build up the mast steps. Waiting for the new gooseneck and spreaders. Oh, yeah, pulled the cabin sole and it's in the garage. Pulled the bilge pumps and scrubbed the entire bottom of the boat out so I can repaint it. Glen is welding a new mast step, but he's lagging. Tommorrow I expect to ream out the limber holes in the bilge and seal with epoxy. Or maybe I'll just watch football.

I've been running the engine 1/2 hour every two weeks and watching the systems. No Oil leaks. Diesel leaks and I can't trace them down. Something to do later.

Filled water tanks again after replacing O rings. Nope, the leak is around the top weld.

11/4/2001 - Overdrilled Limber Holes in bilge to 1 1/2". Of course the stringer is wet, with fuel oil and water. Drilled holes across the top of the stringer, and will let it dry out with heat lamp.

11/18/2001 - Finished with Limber holes. Painted Bilges - 3 coats Interlux BilgeKote.
Painted Spreaders, Feet and Gooseneck.

12/22/2001 - Dropped new rig in.

12/25/2001 - Ran engine for 3 hours. Still runs fine. Almost done with cabin sole.
I really want to go sailing.

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