1981 C&C Landfall 38 "Stella Blue" -- 2002 Maintenance Log

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1/5/2002 - Completed Cabin Sole refinishing (for now.) And fitted into boat. It needs some adjustment where I cut it into sections to get it back right. When it's in the boat and the weather's better I'll need to wet sand it and put another coat or two on, since my garage was just too dusty to get a perfect finish. Sat in the boat and watched the deck leaks. The self-tending jib setup has to come off.

Checked oil levels in engine and transmission, ran engine until it ran out of fuel -- gauge reads 1/4 tank. Interesting.

1/12/2002 - Sanded edges of cabin sole where I cut it, until it fits nicely. Screwed it down with bronze screws (later replaced with SS, Bronze was too soft.) Removed grab rail on deck by mast, as it was just screwed in, not through bolted. Screws came out dry, that's heartening. I filled the holes with a dab of polysulfide to seal until I get time and a weather window to do a proper rebed. Brought belt sander to the boat and did a rough fit of the new mahogany bracket for the new VHF.

Added six gallons of fuel, cleaned Racor and changed filter. Gauge jumped to 3/4 tank (?) which may be caused by the diesel foaming as it hit the tank. I may not have run out of fuel after all -- the Racor was full of water and crap, and stopped passing fuel. After running it for 20 hours without a problem, I'd stopped monitoring it constantly, but as the fuel level got to the bottom of the tank I really started sucking some crud in. Drained fuel lines as well -- full of a thin fluid that's watery and smells like paint thinner. Perhaps this is what waterlogged diesel smells like. Bled lines again (I'm getting good at this) and after 2 hours of cussing the engine fired up again. Ran for 1 hour just fine. No crud in Racor. I need to consume all the new fuel again, and then run this tank as dry as I can to suck out the crap in the bottom of the tank. Must start working on adding second tank, so I'm not dependent on the old one.

1/20/2002 - Spliced a couple of pennants in preparation to putting the jib back on. Put boom on, but didn't finish -- it's hanging there supported by the main halyard.

Ran the engine for about 8 hours. I burn about 3/4 gallon per hour at 1700 RPM. Finally ran out of diesel. The fuel gauge never dropped below 1/4 tank. Now I know that when it reads 1/4 tank I actually have about 2.5 gallons of fuel left, or about 3 hours run time. Pulled the Racor out of the boat and will take it apart and clean it to be like new, as the bowl is pretty scummy. Next weekend I'll use a vacuum to suck everything I can out of the tank through the fill pipe.

Found what I hope is the last diesel leak. Finally. It's yet another hose installed by British Marine. Amazingly, everything they touched was screwed up, every bolt, hose connection and bleeder screw was loose enough to drip fuel into the bilges. I've begun to think they did this on purpose to get me to call them back, so they could keep charging me. No one could make this many mistakes by accident.

Pulled the teak grate from the cockpit sole to clean, repair and oil. Then scrubbed the sole. I put the hose on full blast and let it go. It filled the cockpit with water about 2 inches deep. Peering underneath, my suspicions are confirmed: the pedestal leaks like a sieve. This is on my project list for a couple years out, and will remain so as I AM GOING TO SPEND THIS NEXT SUMMER SAILING. It may be time to consider a short term (2 year) patch to minimize damage. That can of worms must be opened at the right time, and be part of the whole fuel tank/steering/rudder/engine project. NOT NOW.

1/26/2002 - Disassembled and cleaned Racor, reinstalled. I tried to suck the crud out of the bottom of the tank using my vacuum oil changer tank and a long hose. Tricky... put 1 gallon of fuel in the boat and rocked it back and forth hard by pulling the spinnaker halyard, then sucked fuel out. Repeated, then filled tank to top. The tank took 33 gallons, but the last gallon was in the hose so capacity is verified at 32 gal. Gauge reads 3/4 tank after 6 gallons, "Full" after 10 gallons, then stays there. Clearly I need to count hours to know how much fuel I have.
Added new VHF.

Pulled things apart to figure out how to run wiring for the mast and other stuff forward. The original wiring harness was installed before the inner liner, and there is absolutely no way I can snake new wire along that path. It twists and turns through tiny 1/4" openings that I can see but not reach. I'll run the wiring harness elsewhere.

2/3/2002 -- Finished repairing teak cockpit grate -- used the belt sander to make little tiny blocks of teak that fit in the broken areas of the grate, and epoxied them in place. Sanded the whole thing down and soaked it in oil twice. The finish won't last long, but it looks grate now (pun intended) and when it begins to wear a touch of gray I'll still be able to remember how nice it looked. I need fond memories.

Bent the main on, then trial fitted the new cover. Spent the rest of the weekend sewing canvas to finish the sail cover. Superbowl interferes with project plan.

2/9/2002 - 10 hours installing new wiring harness for the mast, back to the panel. I found a way to run the cable up under the lip of the liner along the cabin under the deck, rather than through the bilge and feel much better about that idea. The cable was *exactly* the right length. For a while I thought I hadn't bought enough, and was dreading the thought of having to splice a few extra feet of wire on, but it turned out to make it back to the breaker panel with a few inches to spare. Tested all the lights. They're wonderful, although the foredeck light needs to be adjusted to point up to the bow, not down on the house. If I have to work on the sail or adjust the windlass (need to install one first) I'll need the light in the right place.

2/16/2002 - Hooked up the VHF. Big job. I had to pull the cabin sole back up to run the wire for the antenna, and splice another 10 feet of RG-5U coax onto the end. Ran the coax through the liner and up, so that the splice wasn't in the bilge. Wherever the coax went through a fiberglass turn I lined the turn with hose, so avoid chafe. Pain. It took 12 hours to run that one damn wire 15 feet. However, the radio is a very important piece of gear, and I want it to be done correctly.

2/24/2002 - 6 hours on the dock with the belt sander forming and pounding chocks for the mast. I decided not to use SparTite, as I'm not convinced the rig is tuned to the final config. I need to sail the boat for a while before I set it in resin.

Masked off all the pedestal bases (5 of them) as well as the rudder post behind and laid a solid bead of black lifecaulk around them. Mark this day! Mr. "Do it right or don't do it at all" has decided to smear a solid bead of caulk on it and go sailing. Rebedding the pedestal means pulling it, which means rebuilding the steering system, and as long as I'm that far I might as well replace the fuel tank etceteras. I just finished the rig, and don't need another endless project right now. It's on my schedule.

Bled the fuel system again. I have it figured out now. It only takes me 1 hour on a nice day while tied up at the dock. Perkins 4-108! I think, after the 8th time, I can bleed it without looking at the book. But if the engine's hot and I'm in a seaway I'll end up with 2nd degree burns. Something to avoid at all cost. I ran the electric fuel pump -- pumping out of the tank, through the filter and back into the tank, for another 15 hours over the weekend, and the Racor is clean. I feel confident that I can trust the fuel system.

Engine notes: Added 1/2 quart oil, brought it up to 3/4 mark. Engine hours 1178.02. Ran at 1700 RPM for 70 minutes, 1500 for 15 minutes, then idle for 5 minutes. Final engine hours 1179.42. Hour Log doesn't match my notes, but it runs when I'm not running the engine, and I wasn't exactly anal retentive about my minutes, so maybe I'm off a bit. I'm thinking that I should just have an engine log on the boat, and get extremely anal about watching it. I really don't want to have engine problems in a seaway -- not with what I've learned to date!

3/2/2002 - Rebedded the grab bar at the mast. That took just about all weekend. Ran engine for 1/2 hour at 1700 RPM. Started Ships Log and separate Engine Log and keeping it on the boat, so I won't track engine details here. Pulled self-tending jib track off, core in deck is wet, but not rotten. Plugged with caulk temporarily until we get a dry spell, and so I can come up with a good plan to dry the deck out. Deck is really ugly under the blocks for jib track, and I need to get creative there. Finished sewing cover for pedestal.

Purchased block of 2 inch thick Ash and formed blocks for the base of the mast. I also put 1/2 inch polyethylene blocks under them to keep them from getting wet as water drips down the mast, but I'm having second thoughts about that. If life ever gets really hairy, the whole rig might bounce on the step and the polyethylene blocks might slide under the foot. On the other hand, that might be an unnecessary worry.
If it ever gets that hairy I'll probably already be hurt to bad to notice.

5/1/2002 - Update: Last two months spent removing the old selftailing jib and fixing the wet core in that area, and wrestling with the deck layout and running rig. Been running the engine 1/2 hour a week. I tried to hire a mechanic who's well recommended to change out my engine control cables and give it a good look-see, but he doesn't want to work on a project boat... The cables ends are pretty well frozen in on the pedestal, and he says that to disassemble the pedestal to get at the cables would probably wreck it. After working on the rig, I know what happens when steel bolts are left in aluminum parts for 20 years without maintenance, so I see his point. I was a little disappointed in that he just said "heck with it" and left the boat without starting the engine and listening to it, or checking the belts and other stuff. I don't think there are any problems, but I'm not a mechanic. Oh well. I'm going sailing, and will continue self maintenance.

5/11/2002 - Replaced running lights at the bow. Corrosion had reduced light output significantly. New lights are made by "Sea Dog". Wire was also significantly corroded, and I'll need to pull new wire from the bow to the panel. I replaced all the wire inside the anchor locker, and used adhesive lined heat shrink connectors to make connections. All connections are then covered with Marine Grade Silicone and covered with heat shrink tube. The back of the lights are sealed with PVC tape. They're bright enough to be legal now, but I do want to pull new wire all the way back.
Pulled all the tools and non-sailing stuff off the boat, put the name on the transom, sorted out the little bolts and washers and stuff that are laying all over the interior and put everything in place. I need to vacuum.

6/2002 - Added Headsail track for the 90. Added Delta FastSet Anchor. Bolted Cabin Sole down
(I'd left it unbolted because I kept having to pull it up for this and that.) Added Stereo. Been Sailing! Not taking on any big projects right now, but have ordered new SS Handrails and Radar Mast. Starting to think about the head project. Playing with headliner options.

6/22/2002 -- Been sailing. This weekend added locking catch onto cabin sole hatch in the galley, so it won't come flying up in rough seas. (When am I going to see rough seas...) Fixed some other stuff. Added a spice rack to the galley in my spare time. Wired in the remote control for the sound system so I can control the stereo from the helm -- that is pure self-indulgence. Ate well. Worked on my tan.

7/3/2002 - Painted headliner shell. On this boat it's FRP, with screw-in panels. I used Interlux Brightside Polyurethane topsides paint! Overkill, but I want something that I can scrub. First coat plain, the second coat was mixed with Interlux Flattening agent, to take the gloss off. It looks nice.
Added another block on the boom so I can rig the third reef point. Sewed up a tear in a batten pocket, and replaced the batten.

8/17/2002 - Stainless Steel handrails!

9/14/2002 - Replaced Plastic Port Light in the cockpit with new Bomar port.

9/21/2002 - Filled and packed grease cup in the rudder, four times. Wrapped up U-Shaped Galley installation.

10/6/2002 - Put another coat of paint on the mast inside the cabin, using off-white to match the headliner.

10/13/2002 - Painted a few of the headliner panels and put them back up. Finished the teak trim around the mast in the cabin and added lighting fixtures. Changed it to have one red and three amber Led Lights, and that works really nice. Topped off the batteries with distilled water. I don't think they needed it, but I added some anyway.

10/27/2002 - Added aft SS Handrails. Pulled apart dorade boxes to make new tops and stop the leaks. Pulled some extraneous snaps off and sealed holes with epoxy. Noted that mildew is forming on the bottom of the off-white dodger, need to bleach and treat with 303 before winter hits.

Cleaned and painted the old original impeller driven High Capacity bilge pump. Replace the impeller and got it ready to reinstall. I'm going to move it out of the way, and use it as a third bilge pump with only a manual on/off switch. It moves 6000 GPH and might help in a crisis.

11/10/2002 - Rebuilt cockpit cabin top winch, built pad and remounted it. Lost a pawl spring, had to make a new one from spring wire. No local source of SS spring wire around, so I used Carbon Steel. Ordered SS Spring wire from McMaster-Carr, and will replace in a few weeks.
Made 12V outlets for main salon. Worked on wiring. Tightened down winch on cabin top, cut bolts off aft handrails and tightened them down. Installed aft cabin headliner panels -- they've been off for 18 months and it looks really great to have them back on. Rebuilt Dorade boxes. Added a couple of teak supports on one cabin sole hatch that needed it.
First rain storm of the season, about 4 inches in three days, and there is only one tiny leak left! It's in the starboard window and I can fix it with exterior silicone until I redo the windows. (I ordered $380 of caulk and caulk primer in preparation for that project, and sourced new Lexan MR10.) No leaks anywhere in the cabin top!
Added final trim to U-Shaped Galley counter. Started working on little mini-table to attach to counter.

12/26/2002 - Been derelict in keeping this up... Have finished replacing main cabin headliner. Been working on some lighting and miscellaneous wiring projects. Added the mini-table in the main cabin. Pulled and rebuilt the Traveler. waiting for good weather to put it back on. Pulled the Holding Tank.
Pulled the V-Berth water tank and converted the area to storage, but still need to compartmentalize the space.

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