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1981 C&C Landfall 38 "Stella Blue" -- 2003 Maintenance Log

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Back to Home ... s/v Stella Blue home... Maintenance Logs

1/5/2003 - Replaced Grease Cup with Zerk fitting. Screwed up when pumping grease in and lifted the top rudder bearing 1/2", creating a new project. Did planning for installation of radar mast.

1/11/2003 - Finished LED Lights in main cabin. Added watertight cockpit speakers.

2/1/2003 - Fixed rudder bearing problem by clamping a hose clamp above the rudder post just above the bearing and dropping the rudder assembly down to push the bearing back into place. Whew. Sunday, just sat on the boat and read a book in the sun. No breeze.

2/3/2003 - Took two different cardboard mockups of holding tanks to the boat and did some planning. Neither one works to my satisfaction, so it looks like I'm going to have a custom tank built. Scrubbed the interior of the hull around the galley and head through hulls so I can paint, and scrubbed the bilges well (there was gunk in there from when I pulled the holding tank.)

2/15/2003 - Finally actually ran wires for hidden ignition switch. Built third Holding Tank model and made sure it would fit, and cut new bulkhead from marine ply to hold it in place. Nav Station planning.
Big rain storm, and the windows really leak -- worse than I had ever thought. Fortunately, none of the hardware on deck leaks now, sure am glad I rebedded everything last year.

2/22/2003 to 3/9/2003 - Removed vinyl liner from starboard quarterberth, cleaned most of the old adhesive off, made a new bulkhead to separate the new Nav Station area from the back of what once was the quarterberth, and tabbed the bulkhead in. Big job, just need to paint it and clean up a few things and the cockpit locker will be ready to use again. Put the New 90 on!

3/16/2003 - Put the new main on. Worked on new Nav station, adding structure for new electrical panels and the bottom of the compartment under the desk.

3/22/2003 - Tested out new sails. They're fine, although I wish the 90 was cut with the clew just about 1.5" forward so I didn't have to worry about chafe on the shrouds. Out the Golden Gate for the first time (I can't believe it took nearly two years.) It would have been okay last summer, but I wanted to wait until I'd really looked at the steering before getting off the bay... Okay, I'm a little conservative.

4/5/2003 - Braced new holding tank, then poured polyurethane foam around it. Cut the bulkhead to allow entry to new Nav station. Added little teak trim under galley cabinets to block LED light forward, since they were visible when sitting down in the main cabin.

4/12/2003 - Plumbed new holding tank, installed lid on the tank compartment. Fitted pencil shelf for Nav Station to check the fit before putting a finish on it. Having a hard time getting old head vent line off of the through hull fitting.

5/4/2003 - More work on holding tank: replaced cheap hose clamps on the head since they allowed leaks but the higher end clamps didn't. Whew. Rebuilt the Rariton PHII. Some corrosion in the main plunger, and if I don't get a new main plunger part I'll have to replace the head in a couple of years. Rerouted a vent hose, finished installing the brace for the Y valve. Added 5g fuel and ran the engine for 1/2 hour. Ran the electric fuel pump all weekend and watched the Racor. All's okay, but the Racor bowl is getting dirty again from dead algae. Next winter I'll need to take it off and clean it well. Going sailing again with Greg and Lynda Cutter next weekend, so I scrubbed the entire boat inside and out big time. The head is useable for the first time since I bought the boat. pulled cockpit grates and cleaned. Gee, that seems like a simple description for 22 hours of work!

5/10/2003 -- Sailing with Greg and Lynda. Great breeze, it looks like summer's here. We rescued a distressed kite surfer who was about 30 minutes away from dead. Valuable MOB lesson from Dr. Cutter. I need to get a rope ladder to make side entries easier, the stern ladder only works for calm water.

5/18/2003 -- Toe Rail Weekend. Sanded, taped, and added three coats of Epiphanes. I'll let it sit for a few days and run down after work mid week and sand one last time, then figure out when to put the finish coat on.
I really put it on too thick, and have a few sags. The reason for extra thick was due to the worn teak. It had been left bare for so long that the grain is exposed, and I didn't sand it totally smooth last year because I didn't want to take off that much wood. So I'm trying to build it up thick and make it smoother with varnish. Maybe it'll work. Anyway, once it hardens up I'll be sanding off a lot of the varnish, and we'll see how it looks.

I hate to admit it, but the pipe coming out of the new holding tank leaks. Very slowly. What a F___cking Drag.

I was afraid to overtighten it and risk stripping the polyurethane threads.. I guess it needed another turn. This sucks, since it has been used. Fortunately, not with anything solid. After sailing next weekend I need to take it to the pump-out station and give everything a complete fresh water rinse, then do it again... Shit, I thought I was done with this job.

5/25/2003 -- Finished Toe Rails. Wet sanded by hand, then with a rubber block. Final thin coat of Epiphanes. Done for the year.

6/6/2003 -- Rebuilt the PVC pipes for the head output. Twice. Filled the tank with water and will let it sit a week to check for leaks.

6/14/2003 -- Finishing up detail work... Hooked up both vent lines for the head, put a cover over the Hot Block for the mast wiring (been meaning to do that for a year.) Installed the little hatch in the bulkhead behind the new electrical panel in the new Nav station for access from the back. Pulled a section of wire through the headliner in the Head for a new light that I'll put in eventually (just left the ends hanging.) Cleaned up the boat and scrubbed the cabin sole and put everything in it's place so I can go sailing next weekend, weather permitting.

6/28/2003 -- Replaced all the slugs on the Main. Built another bulkhead for the new Nav station, and bolted it in, then permanently attached the Nav station counter with Knytex tape. Cleaned up as I'm hauling out this week. In July? Well, it should have been in March, but winter and work got in the way.

7/3/2003 -- Taking advantage of the long weekend and Hauled Out. Raised the waterline 4 1/2 inches (to the top of the old bootstripe, and painted a new bootstripe as well as the little trim under the toe rail. Found two blisters in the rudder. Pulled and replaced all seacocks and through hulls in galley and head. Installed new transducers for Nexus system. Replaced all hoses in galley and head. Paint was peeling on spots on the keel; sanded down to lead, primed with Interlux Interprotect 2000E and painted. Pulled and reseated prop. Bottom took 3 1/2 gallons of paint.

7/26/2003 -- Cleaned up so I can go sailing next weekend.

8/3/2003 -- Sailing. New slugs are wonderful, main goes up and down very easy. Sunday, painted around new sea cocks, pulled wires for new transducers back to nav station, installed mount for Nexus server. Temporarily hooked everything up to make sure it all works before permanent installation.

8/18/2003 -- Wired up the new electrical panel for electronics, then added chafe protection and permanent fasteners for the transducer cables. Connected the Nexus NX2 server. 22 Hours over the weekend. Boat is a mess. Next weekend I'll clean it up, but I'm really tired.

9/7/2003 - Worked on getting my 5 year old Garmin GPS to talk to the new Nexus server. No luck. I can see the Garmin output voltages on the data leads, but nothing from the Nexus. Hmmm. Of course, it might just be listening, not talking to the GPS.

Started drilling and plugging deck holes for the windlass.

9/14/2003 -- Finished Installing Windlass. Will do the wiring this winter.

9/21/2003 -- Added mahogany rails to keep stuff from falling off the stbd bench. Pulled V-Berth cushions and cleaned with my new Hoover Steam Vac. Wow, there was actual mud at the bottom of the cleaning tank. Yuck. Back to prepping parts for my next project push... Got the GPS working with the Nexus.

11/9/2003 -- Haven't kept this up! Been sailing, and busy working on the new Nav Station. Replaced DOA transducer from Nexus/Comnav. The new one seems to work properly. Installed Macerator.
The Head project can finally be called finished!

12/1/2003 -- More work on Nav station cabinets. Added another Nexus Multi-Display in the cockpit pod to display Course over Ground and Bearing/Distance to Waypoint.

12/7/2003 -- Stormy, rainy weekend.

Installed Nav Station cabinets. Whew. They aren't done, but the biggest piece is in place, so I can start figuring out how the details will fit. Installed two Marelon through hulls under the coaming on port and starboard aft quarters, to pull hose from the amidships drains back. Previously, the amidships drains ran down to a through hull under the waterline directly amidships. That was great for drainage, but meant more hoses under the waterline... Now the water will run off the deck, through hoses and out directly under the rail. Simpler, though they'll probably drain slower.

12/14/2003 -- Nav Station cushion, trim and door behind seat. Getting close! Built new platform for
House Bank One to move it into port quarterberth, so I can wire up the windlass.

12/21/2003 -- Finished battery platform, moved batteries and wired them in. Made sunbrella curtain to shield Nav Station when it's raining. Added final trim to foot well and painted Nav Station floor using Easypoxy polyurethane with 1:1 flattening agent. Cleaned boat and pulled six dock carts of project stuff out. Shampooed the port quarterberth cushions that have been at home for almost three years. It's time to put them back on the boat for a little bit and relax, (although rebuilding the ice box is also on the schedule for this winter.).