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1981 C&C Landfall 38 "Stella Blue" -- 2004 work Log

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Back to Home ... s/v Stella Blue home... Maintenance Logs

1/10/2004 -- Engine work, just oil change and fluids. I tried a few new ideas to make the job easier, and ended up making a mess. I don't want to talk about it. Still need to do the coolant and check the impellers.

1/18/2004 -- Dove into installing the windlass wiring. It required ripping up the cabin sole in the aft cabin, and then removing the water pressure pump, which devolved into another project. Someone replaced the water pressure pump and didn't have a clue about wiring, and the splices fell apart in my hand. While working back to find good wire I found six different bad butt splices, and ended up just ripping the whole thing out back to the panel. Of course, I couldn't get the new wire for the water pump into the panel without removing a bunch of old wire that was in the way and needed to be pulled, so I ended up cleaning up the wiring behind the old DC panel and pulling about 40 feet of old obsolete bits and scraps of old wire out. Well, it needed to be done.

However, I didn't get the windlass wiring done. I *did* drill a bunch of holes in the boat and get half of the wire in place, and the ground wire is done. That was a bitch and a half. I tried to bolt it to the engine, but the engine bolt wasn't long enough to handle another lug terminal, and it's a Perkins so the bolt is metric (boy, I'm glad I checked that) and it all got ugly because someone wrapped electrical tape around the old lugs and it had melted into a syrupy goo over the years. I ended up just putting the engine ground back the way it was, but am concerned because the bolt is on the V drive and I don't know the right torque -- if torque is even required. However, most of the bolts in that general area should be torqued to 14nM, according to the manual. What's an nM? I'll figure out the conversion to foot pounds before firing up the engine, just in case.

In the meantime I put the windlass ground onto the engine side of the Ample Power meter shunt. That'll work fine, and is where I should have put it in the first place, but originally that looked too hard. Well, it *was* too hard. However, after two days of work I have one end of one wire connected, and a lot of other wiring is inadvertantly cleaner.

1/24/2004 -- Rainy Saturday. Worked on the windlass wiring. Got it pretty much in place, and everything pulled up to the bow.

1/31/2004 -- Super Bowl Weekend. Windlass wiring again. Everything's pulled and the terminals are ready to connect, but the little labels on the windlass motor fell off during installation so I'm not sure which lug is which. I don't want to wire it wrong and blow the solenoids, and the manual is no help. Time to call Maxwell.

2/7/2004 -- Finished Windlass Wiring, then went sailing. Winter conditions, i.e. 55 Degrees F and 10-15 knots.

2/14/2004 -- Dad's birthday. Pulled all the rode out onto the dock, marked it every 10 feet with flourescent tie wraps, and tested windlass. I note that the 1200 Watt motor really pulls the voltage down, which defaulted the stereo. It's a good thing I didn't have any electronics on. I'll need to remember to switch A/B switch over to isolate the house banks when using the windlass, so that electrical stuff will not ride on the same bank as the windlass is pulling from. Or perhaps I should make it a policy to turn off all DC panels when weighing anchor. Something to think about. I'm glad I didn't have any electronics turned on during this experiment!

3/2/2004 -- Connected the new wire for the running lights. Disconnected the last of the old wire on the DC panel. Oops, the light in the engine room is disconnected. I forgot about that. Oh well. Now I can rip out old DC wire wherever I find it.

3/20/2004 -- Added the padeye on the foredeck. Replaced the diesel fill and raised it 1/2" off the deck. Added cocktail holders at the helm. (grin) Also started planning for the windows. That will get done this year. I will *not* have another winter with buckets under the windows. No breeze, so I don't feel guilty.

3/27/2004 -- Engine maintenance. Replaced the impeller. Replaced belt. Broke water strainer when taking it apart (arg.)

4/3/2004 -- Replaced water strainer, upsized it as well. Worked on AC Wiring on starboard side. Pulled wire for new water heater, inverter AC and shore AC. I think my fuel tank is leaking pretty bad. This could be a horrible problem. I don't want to be hauled out for two months in the summer.

4/6/2004 -- Pulled new AC wire from Shore plug to the panel, and inserted a galvanic isolator.

4/11/2004 -- Marathon weekend. Wired up a new AC Panel and connected everything.
Completed starboard AC runs for plugs.

4/25/2004 -- Finished up a few open projects. Installed the VHF remote in the cockpit. Rerouted all the wires coming out of the pedestal, so they're nice and neat. Pulled out dead wires for the old Datamarine sounder, the old AC shore feed, and other dead wire in the area around the cockpit locker. Did some planning for the inverter installation, cleaned up the boat. Replaced all the oil absorbent dams between the engine and bilge. That's a problem, but I think I can manage it until next year's major haulout.

5/28/2004 -- Added House DC Panel. The SBC Strike was a big distraction this month, so just went sailing when possible. Thinking and planning for the windows.

6/5/2004 -- Removed a ton of old wire, started planning for the installation of the new Charger/Inverter. Planning for windows. Cleaned most of the garage on Sunday.

6/12/2004 -- Installed the Heart (now Xantrex) Freedom 10 Charger. I bought this charger Three Years Ago, when I bought the boat. It's funny, as at the time I promised myself not to go off and get a bunch of stuff for "future" projects, and just bought what I intended to use in the next 6 months. So... three years later it's installed. (grin.)

And by the time I installed it, I didn't really want it. At the time, I thought a 50 Amp Charger with 1000W AC Inverter would be fine. Now, three years later, I think I should have gone the next step up, mainly so that I wouldn't stress the inverter. If they made 8 Amp breakers, it wouldn't be a problem, but a 1000 W inverter is 8.3 Amps, and a 1500W inverter would match with a 10 Amp Breaker. I'm really concerned about overloading the inverter and blowing the whole charger/inverter system. Whatever. It cost $700 and it's in.

Anyway the great thing about thinking about it for three years is that I installed it in a day.

6/19/2004 -- Got a good deal on the Xantrex Link 2000R remote controller / regulator package, so dove into the installation. That burned up the weekend (and Monday evening.) A while back I realized that all the DC panels in the boat are grounded to one side of the engine, with an old corroded connection. So, since I'm installing new shunts for the Dual-bank monitor, I went ahead and pulled a solid connection from all the Panels back to the base of the shunt. That's where it ought to be. The Monitor Part is installed, but not the Regulator part. That'll take some more thinking. For the time being, the old Ample Power Regulator and Battery Isolator setup will work just fine. The boat's a mess, with wiring stuff everywhere. Oh well.

I did pull the main DC Ground off the engine and noted that the house panel was still live, so there's another path to ground I'm not aware of. It's probably through the Alternator. As I work on the system, I'm going to try and find all the ground paths I can, to eliminate stray voltages.

7/3/2004 -- Removed Battery Isolator, connected the Echo Charge, which really helps with the Big DC Wire cleanup. Did some planning for the windows.

7/10/2004 -- Cut the plywood interior sections for the new windows. Painting the interior panels with Interlux Polyurethane.

The alternate paths to ground for the DC panel were through the engine panel in the cockpit. I've been removing old and excess wire, and accidentally cut the main ground for the instrument panel in the cockpit. All DC leakage stopped. Now I'm rewiring the panel. I'm going to add three bus bars next to the panel -- Ground, Keyed Hot, and Panel Light Hot. Hopefully, by cleaning up the incredible spaghetti on the back of the panel I'll also control DC leakages and alternate hot/ground paths.

7/25/2004 -- By accidentally cutting the ground to the panel I fried the Fuel Gauge sender. Oh well. Spend the weekend cleaning up. Everything is back in place, nice and tidy. Scrubbed the head well. Finished up a few loose ends, like attaching the drain hose for the head sink and connecting the shower sump pump. (The wire was pulled, but I hadn't gotten around to the splices.

Removed screws for one of the old window frames and did a little experimental probing in preparation for the Window project. The window with the worst cracks shattered, and now there's a big hole there. I'm committed to the project now! Craig at Metal Magic still hasn't started the new aluminum frames. I may need to just get the sheet metal from him and do it myself.

9/4/2004 -- Finished the Windows.

9/12/2004 -- Sailed up to China Camp for the weekend. Saw Gary, Barry and Jamie on Bushwacker, coming back from the delta. Raced them back. Windlass works great.

9/18/2004 -- Added a bunch of new lights in main cabin, and a berth light in master quarterberth. Added two coats of varnish on the toe rails. It was a bad weekend for bright work, as a front was moving through. It rained heavily Sat night (and the new windows didn't leak!) Winds through the marina at 15 knots, gusts to 20, leaving ripples in the varnish. Whatever. It'll last the winter, and in the spring I'll sand and do it again.

10/25/2004 -- Just sailing for a while. Took Mike's boat out for Fleet Week. Cleaning up some loose ends. Ordered new dodger. Had Svendsen's weld up some nice stanchion bases, and am making backing plates. Measuring stern rail. Stuff.

11/01/2004 -- Pulled Stanchions and bases, plugged deck holes with epoxy, pounded bungs into toe rail. Also pulled water fill deck plates, reamed out core and filled with epoxy. Remeasuring stern rail.

Fiberglass rings for new H2O deck fills. Painting endlessly.

11/06/2004 -- Sanded down toe rail bungs and cleaned up toe rail where the old bases were bolted on for the last 24 years. It's a bit of work. Teak toe rail under old stanchion bases was stained bad. Power sanded, wet sanded, bleached with serious Oxalic Acid putty and rinsed for 1/2 hour. Will come back next weekend to see. Perhaps I should sand down around the bad areas and let it all weather through the winter. Perhaps not. I don't know.

Measuring stern rail again. I can't seem to take measurements and have them all line up in my CAD software. Took measurements and started ice box.

11/13/2004 -- Stanchion bases. Epoxied fiberglass plates under stanchion bases, to handle the whole core/nocore/deck/hull transition area. Got all but one of them right. Filled the underside of the deck against the fiberglass plates. Ground deck back down. Long weekend. Bigger project than anticipated.
What else is new. Measured stern rail again.

11/20/2004 -- mounted one stanchion base, figured out the system. Sergio came by and we argued about the stern rail modifications. Well, actually I gave him my CAD drawings and all my measurements, and he said "you don't want to do that" and I said "well, actually, yes I do". I know that I won't get what I want, the question is whether it will be in the ball park. I'm not convinced we have a vision match. In fact, I'm terrified. I know he's good, but I want to do something funky and after months of thought I know my funky vision will by actually work out and match the boat. However, I don't think he gets it. Maybe I should just learn how to weld stainless. (ha) Anyway, spent the rest of the weekend pulling the stern rails off. The far corner was a real bitch. However it works out, I'll just deal with it.

11/28/2004 -- mounted all 8 stern rail bases, and came up with a cool way to mount the far corners without a problem. Maybe I should have done them all that way, but it would have cost a lot. Ready for the welder to go to town on the stern rails, and waiting for Tops In Quality to ship my stanchions.

12/6/2004 -- Still adding stanchion bases between rain storms. Ninemore to go. Sergio will start welding the new stern rails this week. Stanchions will ship 12/14.

12/11/2004 -- Finished the stanchion bases. Whew. I left two to be added when the stanchions arrive. Took some vacation to work on it, and to be at the boat when Sergio was bending and tacking the new stern rail together. It was a good thing, as we did *not* have a vision match. Now we do!

12/26/2004 -- Rainy, cold. I went around inside and injected epoxy around the edges of the stanchion base plates, just filling in a few spots I missed earlier and making sure that the fiberglass plates were well braced up to all the edges, to get maximum support underneath. Then picked up the boat, put tools away, and got it ready for a good vacuum and scrub.