1981 C&C Landfall 38 "Stella Blue" -- 2007 work Log

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January -- Wow. Year 6 Rebuilding this boat. Tired. Started off the year with the flu, and not very motivated.

February 4 -- Installed the Hot Water Heater. Pulled the old Galley Faucet and bought a replacement.

February 11 -- Installed the new Galley Faucet, and pulled new plumbing. There are a few leaks. Pulled the engine zinc.

February 18 -- Fixed all the leaks but one -- right at the water heater outlet. It's very annoying. Rebuilt it three times, and I may have over tightened the NPT fitting on the outlet for the heater. Ran out of time, and just cleaned up the boat. I'll revisit that last leak next weekend. Epoxied the braces for the propane locker onto the cockpit sole.

Feb 24 -- Finished up galley cabinet doors. Worked on water heater plumbing leak. I'm going to have to take it all apart again. Mounted fluxgate compass and put all the wiring back nice and tidy. Cleaned up a few other wiring messes at the same time, and fastened down some wiring bundles.

Mar 3 -- Pulled part of cabin sole, removed all old plumbing. Finally scrubbed the bottom of the boat under the sole in the aft cabin. Cleaned bilge out, vacuumed all the bits of crap that collected there during the whole repower. There was about 1/4" of fiberglass sludge in there. Scrubbed it really well. Burned out the small bilge pump, probably from all the abuse of the last year, so it was replaced. (That's the third one since I bought the boat.) Finally painted the bottom of the boat under the sole in the aft cabin.

Mar 11 -- Ran good hose for the water heater. I used wire reinforced hose, for under the waterline, even though it's just for the water heater. After all, it runs under the cabin sole and is out of sight, so it makes sense to use the best hose possible. I haven't hooked it in, though, because I need to figure out how all the fittings will work. I think I need some kind of petcock or valve by the water heater to bleed the lines and prevent air lock.

Also hooked up the cockpit VHF remote. I finally decided to just put it on the Navpod, even though the magnet in the speaker will mess up the compass. I figure I have the fluxgate compass as well as two GPS units, and the Ritchie compass will only be used as a final failsafe. In that case, I'll unplug the VHF microphone at the helm, or just let it hang down to the cockpit sole.

Finished up the cabinet for the quarterberth, and worked on the new helm seat.

Mar 24 -- Finished new Helm Seat. Spent Saturday scrubbing the sails, checking out the halyards and making sure everything's ready to sail. Sails were pretty dirty. I should have taken them off the boat during the repower. Installed a check valve on the hot water line in the galley, so water can't flow backwards and pressurize the hot water line in the event I've turned it off.

May -- Finished putting mahogany slats in quarterberth. Two weekends doing brightwork on toe rails. Now have about 24 coats total of varnish over the last six years. Whew. I feel comfortable leaving the covers off for the summer. Sailing a lot. Yay. Working on electronics, getting everything to talk. I don't have it configured correctly, compasses are driving me nuts. I have a different number coming up on every display, off by as much as 20 degrees. Gotta read the manuals. Playing with Fugawi software -- plotting a course for the day and then sailing to the waypoints. Getting my sun tan back. Memorial Day at Angel Island.

June - Pretty much worked all month on the N___r deal. Washed the boat once. Created configuration sheets for all electronics, and reconfigured everything. It works much better now. One interesting "bug" is that Fugawi appears to miss position data occasionally, and will put 00000.00 as Lat or Lon. This makes my track go all over the globe, and sets off "out of position" alarms. I captured all inputs into a log file, and the Nexus appears to be outputting correctly, so it might be buffer over run on the laptop. Perhaps I should reduce the number of times I send position information to the computer.

July 4 - Sailing. Cleaned about three dock carts of old project stuff and unused parts off of the boat. Put new cabinet doors in the head, to match the galley.

August ?? - Sailing. I've kept a 12v Coleman cooler on the boat for the last five years, which was a temporary move until I got around to finishing the cooler box. The Coleman finally quit. I've had it since 1993, and camped with it for years. I'm amazed that it lasted five years of non-stop use.

Must now do the new cooler. Ripped out the old ice box area down to the hull

Also replaced the head. The original Raritan finally quit.

August 25 - Foggy day, so I decided to stay at the dock and deal with a few things. Tidied up the saw cuts on the cooler area with my Dremel Tool, and fixed up damage done when I ripped the counter off. Hacked off sharp ends of exposed screws and rounded them down with my Handy Dremel Tool, so they won't keep ripping grooves in my skin as I climb in and out of the cooler space, and so they won't accidentally poke holes in the insulation.

Added eye bolts on the engine stringers, to secure the nut on the stuffing box. When I put the new stuffing box on, it had a stub with a hole, so it could be seized down. After a 40 hours on the new engine and box, I need to tighten it down so the dripless Gore-Tex packing doesn't drip. So I played with it while the engine was running, and ran for 1/2 hour at the dock with no drips while the stuffing box stayed cool to touch. I think that's where it needs to be. Added a loop of Monel wire from the stub on the stuffing box to the eye bolt. Now I don't have to worry about the stuffing box nut falling off.

Fog burned off at noon. I'm an idiot. Sailing tomorrow.

Nov 25th - Been working like a nut with the job for a couple of months, but then back to working on the boat. Finished the cockpit sole nonskid. (yay) Replaced all the batteries, and added the second house bank. This was a chore, but I now have 520Ah in my house bank. That should prepare me for the refrigeration. Glacier Bay has taken FOUR MONTHS to get the first two insulation panels completed. It is definitely driving me batty.

Dec 22 -- Finished installing additional cockpit speakers. Working on a leaking pipe by the water heater.