1981 C&C Landfall 38 "Stella Blue" -- 2008 work Log

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January 12 -- Two weekends working on the propane installation and new fridge. Also, making the cockpit table at home. Making the grounding brush for the prop shaft.

January 20 -- Spent the entire weekend installing the propane system. Also worked on the templates for the refrigeration insulation.

January 27 -- Pulled out the old CNG stove. That required some disassembly. Also finished the propane hose run. As long as the lid on the port quarterberth was off, I scrubbed it and refastened all the wiring that runs through there. Finished construction on the cockpit table, and played with 12V fans to see which ones were best for the boat.

February -- Didn't keep this up for six weeks. Oops. Constructed the sides for the new freezer and ordered the rest of the vacuum panels. Pulled all the wire for the compressor. Finished the table, but it's not strong enough and it needs a better base and support. crap. Installed the new stove.

March 9 -- Worked on wiring for the freezer, installed the thermostats etc. Painted the cupboard where the compressor is going to go. Wondering about moving the fresh water foot pump, as it will be a challenge to work on once the shelf for the compressor is installed. Installed the gas feed for the barbeque. Pulled the hatches off to have new lenses and gaskets installed.

March 23 -- Planning for Solar. Installed the solar panel voltage regulator, bought three flexible panels on eBay. Added a little brass brush on the prop shaft to tie the ground system to it. Built new companionway boards out of UV stabilized SeaBoard from Tap plastics. Started to add little buzzer to Nexus system.

April 14-20 -- Boat show. Did the varnish on the toe rails, althrough the weather was not cooperative. Bought the Monitor, and a small watermaker. Thinking about SSB.

Day sail with Mark Goetz, up from Santa Barbara. Cranked the stereo. The additional speakers make the sound in the cockpit absolutely perfect.

The Garmin 152 stopped working. Fussed with it, and determined that WAAS needs to be off now. The government removed the west coast WAAS satellite in 2007, and something else must have just started transmitting on that frequency. With the "error" factor turned off, WAAS and DGPS don't have any value anyway. Fugawi still has errors and I can't figure it out.

May 1 -- Two weeks left to work.

Spending money like nuts. Bought Garmin 72 to replace the old Garmin II, which died when I left batteries in it for three years without looking at it. The batteries leaked.

Building hard top for dodger to mount solar panels. Got the hatches back from Hammerhead in Canada. Built new companionway boards out of Seaboard (like Starboard.) Working on a bottom brace for the main cabin table. Sent the two Atkins and Hoyle hatches to Hammerhead and had the acrylic and gaskets renewed.

May 15 -- Last day working for money. I'm really scared.

May 16 -- Continuing work on the dodger top. Made jack lines. Working on the table in main cabin. Adding AIS and scratching my head over NMEA again. Trying to figure out why Fugawi keeps loosing track of which hemisphere I'm in. Planning non skid on the decks. Picked up the Monitor. Finished up the new companionway boards and sill. Updated software in Garmin 152 and 72, WAAS now works again. Removed the two smaller hatch lenses over the head and galley.

May 26 -- Started replacing the hatch lenses over the galley and in the head. Started to fill in the stupid glass holder holes in the galley cabinets over the sinks, so I can use the shelf for storage without having stuff fall through the shelf. (grin.)

May 28 - Worked on the dodger solar panels. Started the medicine cabinet for the head. Worked on sliding panels to cover the starboard shelves above the bench. Stella the cat wants to go outside. Sorted through all of my CDs to pack them up for resale, and have a four foot stack that I haven't yet ripped to MP3.

May 30 - Wow. My CD collection was worth a heck of a lot of money. Apparently I have very good taste in music. I still have some out of print vinyl, never published on CD, and an anchient Technics turntable. Must rip the last bits to disk. Sent 27 suits and 7 boxes of clothes to Goodwill.

June 1 -- To prepare the deck for new non skid, pulled off the big pads under the padeyes on the cabin top, where the self tending jib used to be. Drilled a bunch of holes where I once saw wet balsa core, and discovered that I had dried it out just fine. There was one small spot where the dry balsa seemed discolored, so I drilled out to good stuff and filled the deck with Git Rot.

Worked on the small hatches, and finished the table.

June 4 -- Finished the Hatches. Filled deck holes with epoxy, preparing to paint new non skid.

June 5 -- Masked the entire cabin top, and laid primer for the nonskid.

June 8 -- Finished non skid on the cabin top. Worked on wiring in the Brookhouse multiplexer and AIS. Installed phase 1 of Solar, on top of the dodger.

June 26 -- Finished non skid on the main decks. Have some cleanup to do.

July 5 -- Two days in the wood shop. Made the frame for the medicine cabinet in the head. Made the sliding doors for the shelves above the starboard bench. Made small fiberglass shims to support additional bow chocks. Made the plate for the bottom of the evaporator, and supports for the evaporator in the fridge. Made deck pads and backing plates for the monitor wind vane. Started sewing lee cloths for both benches. Made bookshelf prototypes.

July 11 - Back at the boat after spending the last week at home with Stella Blue. It was her last week on earth.

Sewed a few sets of storage pockets from Sunbrella. Finished the medicine cabinet and bookshelves. Actually, there's one more set of shelves I might make, but waited to double check the dimensions. Also made the sliding doors for the starboard bench.

August 27 -- Forgot to keep this log up. Made Leecloths, a hanging locker by the companionway, and lots of pockets. Spent a week at China camp. Serviced the batteries and equalized them. Made bookshelves, cabinet doors in the main cabin and a medicine cabinet for the head. Painted the decks with non skid, and it didn't come out well. But it works. I added the solar panels and just about finished the refrigeration. It's working, I just have the trim to finish.

September 15 -- Finished mounting the monitor wind vane. Now need to rig it. Moving things around on the stern, and cleaned out the V Berth. Sewed more pockets, and am considering sewing a first aid kit to hang on the cabin wall. Sewing covers for the diesel jerry cans. Sewed a cover for the dinghy fuel tank, and found a place to stow it.

October and November -- Okay, I'm not keeping this up. Busy busy busy. Sewed cones for the series drogue, sewed flags. Made a bridle for the dinghy, made an awning for the foredeck. Made more spice racks.

Hauled out November 17. Dropped the keel, adding a through hull for the watermaker, painted the rig.