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A few pictures taken July 1, 2000,
I didn't buff the boat first...

Galley -- Main Cabin, looking aft -- Main Cabin, looking forward --
-- Head -- Engine -- Cockpit Hatch



Sailing Days:

The First Sail of the new Millennium

April Fools Day, 2000

KFOG Kaboom, May 13, 2000

My Last Day Singlehanding

The New Happy Owners





Dog Days was a good, stiff boat with a sail plan tuned for the San Francisco Bay. I've comfortably singlehanded her out the Golden Gate
in 25 knots.

She's named after the dog days of summer, when Sirius, the dog star, rises in the evening sky. According to something I read somewhere, the ancient Egyptians thought that the rise of the Dog Star was of grave import, and was a possible cause of insanity.

Sounds about right to me!



Here's Mark Goetz and Bill Odom relaxing at Angel Island after we sailed Dog Days out the Golden Gate for the first time.
The Buffalo Wings are on the BBQ and it's a wonderful day.


September 2000: I'm sorry to say that Dog Days has been sold...
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