Cockpit Instrument Cover

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You know what it looks like... the backsides of your cockpit instruments just sticking there in the cabin like monkey-butts with wires. The previous owner did a nice job of making matching covers from stock teak parts, but they really weren't attached to the bulkhead and it only took me a month for them to fall off -- the screws only went in 3/16" and I didn't know that I shouldn't touch them, so they fell off. Oops.

But I would have had to do something anyway, since I replace the old 1980's style "fish-finder" strobe depth meter with a real gauge I could see from the cockpit, which left a new monkey-butt sticking into the cabin. So I reused one teak frame on the compass side, and made a new one to match that was a little larger for the speedo / depth meter side.

The covers are made from mahogany planks. Note how I used the router table to remove most of the wood to keep them light. It was basic 7/8" stock, with the interior of the cover milled down to 1/4" thickness, and the edges routed to fit snugly inside the teak frame.

The guest bathroom was once again turned into a varnish shop. Three coats of Epiphanes gloss was topped with one coat of rubbed effect. Nice!

Mounted on the bulkheads. This really is nice to see from the inside. I'll probably attach little teak accessories to the covers, like pencil holders little boxes to hold suntan lotion or whatever.

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