1981 Islander 28 "Dog Days" -- Maintenance Log


Yanmar 2GM engine, run in gear at 2800 RPM, 15-30 minutes once a week, sailing or not.


10/30/98 -- Removed Shroud covers, scrubbed shrouds with vinegar, rinsed and dried.   Replaced Rigging Tape.

11/15/98 -- Leak onto cabin sole. Replaced foot pump for galley sink, replaced hoses, replaced filter from water tank.

11/15/98 -- Repaired Ice Box Lid. Built jig around rim, filled with epoxy. Faired it down and painted.

11/30/98 -- Installed new stereo system. Speakers on stern rail.

2/20/99 -- Replace water tank. This was the cause of all the water on the cabin sole. New tank has no output feeds at bottom of tank, fed from top with flexible pipe inside that reaches to the bottom.. Tank compartment sealed with fiberglass and epoxy. Drain added to compartment. Compartment padded with Ensolite foam to reduce chafe on new tank. Added clear deck hatch to top of tank, repaired bench top with glass. 2 Month project. Never want to do it again.

Replaced chain anchor rode with Stainless Steel chain to eliminate rust streaks on the bow.

2/23/99 -- Engine maintenance. Changed oil, air filter, oil filter. Replaced raw water impeller (old one was fine, I could have just checked it.) Changed fuel filter. Changed Racor filter.

3/14/99 -- Haulout

Bottom paint. One coat Petit Black, two coats on leading edge of keel and bow and rudder. Was black before, no major growth after two years of quarterly scrubs and regular sailing.

Repack stuffing box. Needed it.

Reseat raw water intake, was loose in the hull. Thu-hull is fine but old, could be replaced but would require hull work. Better to live with the one that fits. This boat isn't going around the world.

Replaced cutlass bearing. Added new set-screw, drilled and tapped to fit.

Replaced depth gauge. Yay. Drilled and mounted gauge, replaced transducer.

4/17/99 -- New Main sheet. Increased size to 7/16. Replaced jam cleat with Ronstan cam cleat, teak block required to hide jam-cleat hole mounting damage. Backing plate installed, required removing and replacing headliner.

4/17/99 -- Added shelf (false bottom) to compartment under quarter berth to protect depth transducer and cables. If somebody had done this years ago the water tank fittings wouldn't have broken.

5/13/99 -- Added DC VoltMeter. Added Halogen reading light above starboard bench. Added molding to hide wires in head.

5/15/99 -- Filled rudder shaft with grease. Didn't solve wiggle in rudder. Turned out to be loose nut at top of shaft. Duh. Greased tiller/rudder joint and tightened down hard.

5/20/99 -- Pulled tiller. Added cross-bolts and sealed with epoxy around tiller extender mount. 8 new coats of varnish on tiller. Bought spare tiller, added 8 coats of varnish. Doesn't fit well, but will do in an emergency to get home on the bay...

5/20/99 -- Added sump for ice box. Sump is 3/8 marine plywood sealed w/ 2 coats epoxy, 5 coats laminated into bottom. No leaks allowed. 500gph pump. Pump is computerized, not float driven. Caused problem during testing when I dumped 2 gallons of water into ice box -- once pump turns off won't turn on again for 2.5 minutes, water kept draining. Will work fine for melting ice, but not for massive water influx when cleaning. Must remember that, and keep turning pump on when rinsing out box.

6/23/99 -- New Standing Rigging all around (port shrouds were cracked on top.) Svendsen's did the work. Rig tuned well. Rigger enjoyed standing on my brightwork, prefers it to the deck.

7/30/99 -- Beer spilled on cabin sole.

8/1/99 -- Caulked around chainplates. Noticed that port front was leaking yesterday after beating into heavy seas out the Golden Gate. Previously filled with silicone, it was a pain to pull out. Some silicone remains, but deep. Pulled deep into leaking chainplate to examine for corrosion. None found. Sealed with liquid life-caulk. Port front leaked liquid life-caulk down chainplate and onto teak bulkhead. Idiot. Pulled as much off as possible using mineral spirits.  Could be worse. Thinking about it. Next time will seal around underside of deck with putty before filling with caulk.

9/99 -- Stripped handrails to bare teak. Cleaned, Bleached. Two coats Petit sealer. 7 coats Epifanes. Sanded smooth, removing about 3 coats. 4 more coats Epifanes. Made Sunbrella covers. Too much varnish seeped under tape due to non-skid, have to pick it out with a tiny little pick once it gets hard. Grr. Next time should fill non-skid with plumbers putty before taping.

10/5/99 -- Changed Oil, Oil Filter, Clean Water Strainer, Cleaned Air Filter

10/31/99 -- Replaced Head.  Old head was Groco HC model, rebuild kits are no longer available, so I installed an HF head.  Double clamped everything.   Really Nice Guy at West Marine said that HF head would fit into same mounting bolt holes that HC head fit into.   Really Nice Guy at West Marine was wrong, but I'm sure he meant well.

11/99 -- Liquid Gold applied to some of the interior teak.  Need to find a source for Liquid Gold in the can vs. spray.

12/99 -- Sewed new mainsail cover.  Made new winch covers.

New lifelines.  Old ones were rusting pretty bad, and stretched out.  New pelican hooks.

Great weather window!  Stripped companionway teak to bare wood, sanded and refinished.  First coat of Petit Sealer, then 4 coats of Epiphanes.  This will hold until spring, when I can add more.  Due to cold weather, I built a tent over the boat with tarps and left the companionway open with the heater on full.  It worked fine, though I'll hate to see my electric bill.  It's worth it to get the job done.

Refinished companionway steps. Sanded them down, 6 coats of varnish. Put non-skid on the steps.

1/00 -- Started building new companionway boards.

2/00 -- Sanded and cleaned teak trim around the galley area. 4 Coats High-Gloss Varnish, topped with one coat of Rubbed Effect Varnish.

Scrubbed interior teak where required to clean. Oiled well with Liquid Gold, let it soak in then oiled it again. Used almost 2 cans of the stuf.

2/00 -- Pulled Stove to rebuild and fix, but I broke it. Replaced Stove.

3/19/00 -- Cleaned black plastic trim at bow and stern, sealed with Penetrol. Added new telltales to shrouds. Put on my Summer Main and hanked the 90 Blade up to the forestay in the foredeck bag. Added new telltales on the leech of the main. Cleaned scuffed up Winch handle holders with Petit Brush Cleaner.

4/2/00 -- Changed Oil, Filter and Tightened stuffing box.

5/14/00 -- Replaced Bilge Pump. Wired with Shrink-Fit butt connectors, and covered connector with adhesive lined shrink fit tube. Connectors not replaced were covered in Silicone (marine grade), then shrink-wrapped, then bundled with tie-wraps and covered with another layer of silicone.

5/24/00 -- Adjusted stuffing box, again.

6/11/00 -- Packed Rudder post with Marine Grease. Changed transmission oil. Changed Fuel filter and bled system. Washed Air Filter -- it had a thin layer of carbon, which I've never seen before. Must think about that. I noticed an unusual sound while running the engine in gear at dock (to prove that my fuel system is free of air bubbles), and after 1/2 hour of staring at the engine and touching things to see how adjustments affected the sound -- while the engine was running, don't wear loose clothing -- discovered the problem. Starboard Front Engine Mount Nut was Loose! Sure am glad I listen to the engine!

7/2/00 -- Hand scrubbed bilge from bow to stern with scrubber, hose and wet-vacuum. Removed quite a few years of dirt. Hosed it all down, washed deep under the cabin sole. Cleaned out all limber holes, then wet-vacuumed the bottom of the bilge to remove any particles that could foul the bilge pump.

Discovered source of carbon in the air cleaner. One bolt on the mixer elbow was broken, apparently has been for some time as there's a broken bolt extractor in there too. Replaced mixer elbow and resealed gasket. Broken bolt is impossible to remove, but I may consult a mechanic. It appears to have been working fine without the bolt for as long as I've owned the boat, so I replaced the gasket and resealed with new gasket sealer. It bears watching.

7/22/00 -- Four more coats of varnish on cockpit/companionway teak.

7/29/00 -- Haulout! Replaced prop! New 12RH15 Two Blade, I can comb my hair in it! Replaced galley sea-cock and thru-hull, as it didn't look good to me. Painted bottom. Waxed topsides.

8/18/00 -- Replaced exhaust hose. It was worn out, and leaking, ready to blow! Good thing I found this before handing over the keys! Thanks, Jeff, for helping!


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