Finally - a Weather Window

March 4, 2000

Rain Rain Rain. Calm Calm Calm. Work Work Work.

They've all kept me off the Bay and busy with boat projects for months.

The winter of my discontent...

I really wanted to get out on the Bay and check out my Winter Main Sail. Dog Days has two mains, a beautiful, flat, clean, North main with two reef points, and an old, blown-out, dirty main that the previous owner told me was good for winter sailing. The old main even has a "B" on it for "Bahamas", since Dog Days is an Islander Bahamas model. I've had the old main on for a couple of months, but haven't been able to get the boat out of the slip.

Saturday, March 4 -- The next front is coming through, but the rain is supposed to wait until about 4 p.m. It's cold and foggy, but I hanked on the 110 Jib. (I have 4 headsails, a 135 Composite Mylar, a 110 "Working Jib", a 90 "Blade" with battens, and a Spinnaker.) As soon as I pulled out of the marina a big freighter was sideways in the estuary, so I got to watch the tug boats turn it around.

I haven't seen
Jack London Square
for a while!

That "Blown Out" winter main doesn't look so bad when the whole world is Grey...


The Bay Bridge is still there!





I took a quick circle of the main Bay,
looked at the weather out the Golden Gate,
and headed home! As I pulled into my slip at 4:30,
the first few drops of rain
settled onto the water.



It sure was nice to go sailing!

Summer, Don't Be Late!

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