Summer's on the Way

April 1 and 2, 2000

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Well it's about time! That's all I can say!

April fool's weekend was pretty darn nice. I'm sitting on the boat waiting to go. Everything's ready. Bill calls on the cell phone. Screaming baby in my ear. I don't like babies anyway, but this one is right in the phone, and she's having a bad day.

Now, a bad day for a baby is a really big thing, because from her perspective it's an enormous percentage of her total life experience. I really don't care. It's not my baby. This is why I don't have babies.

Bill's wife was taking a nap, because she wasn't feeling well. She's not feeling well because she's having another baby. This is not my fault, either. It is Bill's fault.

To the right, you'll find a picture of ME having a good time. The baby wasn't involed... If it appears to be out of focus, that's because Bill took it. Bill is very good at changing diapers. We're working on things like "Focus".

I'm just kidding! It was great to have Bill on board for a Perfect Sailing Day. One of the things I love to do the most is ride the boat on a hard beat into the wind, standing on the bench, holding the back stay and rocking to some super tunes. Thanks, Bill, for catching the moment!

Now, Bill saw how much fun I was having, and tried to stike the same pose.

Washington crossing the Delaware?

Napoleon in exile?


Actually, these two shots were on Sunday the 2nd. I didn't want to mess up the graphic impact of the story by trying to maintain a consistent frame of reference within the bounds of time and space. The bounds of what? It's a WEEKEND!

What's the point?

Mas Tequila, and stuff like that.





Saturday was a great sailing day, too. A smooth 12 knot breeze covered the bay. While reaching across the main bay I noticed that Downtown appeared to be on fire.

It was just a bar called City Lights. That's a lot of smoke for a Bar Fire!

I love a good sunset!