KFOG Kaboom

May 13, 2000

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Meet Marilyn and Jeff, my sister and brother in law. Marilyn's on the left. Note the Metal Appendage on her head... this is her antenna, which she deploys to receive directions from her alien masters. (For more information, refer to Honduras Trip notes.)

KFOG Kaboom day was supposed to be foggy and rainy...

Two Low pressure systems converged in the north Pacific -- one from Alaska and one from the middle of nowhere. But they held off for a day and we had a sunny but cold San Francisco Bay experience.

With 5 to 7 knot breezes, we left the 90 blade up and full main, and putzed along at 3 to 4 knots. Not setting any records, but then again I don't race.

Finally, the sun set. The city looks nice at night...

This little Origo Heater has served me well at Anchor, but this was the first time I fired it up in the cockpit under sail. However, we were doing 3 knots on a beam reach, the boat was heeled about 2 degrees. I had a fire extinguisher handy, and everyone aboard was cautioned to be totally aware that there was a FIRE on board.

The Aliens only told Marilyn to kick it over once, but we caught her in time. Note the new style Pepsi bottle.


The fireworks were excellent! I didn't take pictures of the good stuff, because I was busy watching the show and listening to KFOG (104.5 in SF/ 97.7 in San Jose) who had a GREAT medley of tunes, from Santana's latest to the Beatles.. The fireworks went off in PERFECT syncronization with the music, for about 20 minutes.

It was arguably the best fireworks show I've ever seen... far overshadowing San Francisco's Millenium celebration.