The Speakers

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Hey, it’s not a big project, but somebody asked so here are pictures… (Actually, the whole thing took me a month… nothing on a boat is easy!)

You see, I love the serenity of hearing nothing but the wind and the waves… the hiss of the boat as she slides through the water… the subtle elation of passing another boat owner who doesn’t care enough to learn how to trim sails…

And I every now and then I like to crank the 160 Watt Alpine system up and ROCK! Beating into a 20 knot breeze, standing on the windward bench with one hand on the backstay and the other holding the tiller extender, with the boat rocking like an E-Ticket ride, and some Grateful Dead or Elvis Costello or String Cheese Incident blasting out so I can barely hear the coasties on Channel 16 warning me about the stupid windsurfer who fell down under the Golden Gate Bridge and is now being swept out to sea in the direct path of a container ship!


So the speakers look like this…


And I made some Sunbrella Covers to protect them, that look like this…



They’re permanently mounted. The wires are actually 12 gauge tinned marine wire, and they’re sealed through the deck, and at the speakers (cover the wires with shrink fit,
fill with silicone, and heat.)