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Well, when you buy a boat you should turn the stove on! Hey, that's why I bought a small boat first. It's a learning lesson. I learned. One burner worked, but the other one was totally frozen with the "cleaning needle" in the up position.
And it was corroded beyond repair




I thought I'd rebuild it. Okay... have you ever tried to rebuild a 20 year old stove that has been out of production for 10 years, and hasn't been touched since 1981? It took me about 15 minutes to break it. How much would it cost to find somebody who could fix that little tiny pipe? Too much.

So Fine! New stove time. There's no sense putting a Propane stove in this 28 foot boat. Just dealing with the gas dispersal issues would make it too expensive. How often do I use the stove? I boil water for coffee every now and then, or heat up some sake on a cold evening, and stuff like that. This boat is not going to go around the world -- it just needs to be able to handle "camp stove" stuff.

But I want to re-use the existing gimbals and stainless frame, since it was built in to the galley.


After a great deal of deliberation and measuring, I decided that the Origo Alchohol stove would fit... with some "Wally Style" customization.

Serendipity! I walked into West Marine's Bargain Store in Alameda, and a brand new Origo 3000 was there in an open box. Wow, I saved a whole $20. What a bargain! I'm going to invest the money I saved and retire an hour early.

Here's the new stove perched atop the old Stainless housing, as I plan the next phase of customization to make it fit.








A little shim made from Aluminum angle iron stock, bolted into place, and we're good to go!




It looks like it was designed for this boat!