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This was a two month long project that took over the whole house. Fortunately, I didn’t have a camera to record it, or the whole thing would fill an entire web site.

The original table in Dog Days was a horrific ugly white formica thing that dominated the interior cabin. You couldn’t lower it and still negotiate your way through the cabin… You stepped into the boat and thought “Oh, What A Big Ugly Table. How Nice.”

My new table is made from Mahogany and Western Curly Maple. The Mahogany is laid out so the grain is at a 45 degree angle to the centerline of the boat, and the Maple offsets that 30 degrees in the other direction. It fits with the boat, and creates a sense of movement and forward direction, while still blending with the natural wood of the cabin…

You can see my learning experience… The Mahogany was meticulously selected to blend and match so that no seams would be visible, but as soon as I put the finish on, one plank turned dark and the next one didn’t.

Well, I’m not going to make the whole thing over, so here’s my position on the matter:

It’s INTENTIONAL ARTISTIC EXPRESSION. It represents the quintessential struggle between the dark and the light, between good and evil, between Batman and the Joker, between Superman and that guy with the unpronounceable name, between Dan Quayle and linguistics, between my cat and the dogs next door, between mildew and the forces of dehumidification, between traffic congestion and my inalienable right to get the hell home on time, between…

Oh, hey, check it out when the table is open. The grain matches, and it’s sooooo beautiful at night under 12 Volt light. The grain of the Western Curly Maple rises out of the wood like clouds.

Each plank is joined with biscuits. There are over 50 biscuits in this table. It’s all glued together with Titebond II wood glue, which has proven itself to my personal satisfaction in a number of applications.

Okay, fine. It’s just a table. I’ll sell it with the boat.

It looks pretty nice folded away, too.

I actually have a SOLID table-top
of Honduran Mahogany that’s Four Feet across,
part of a table that my great-grandmother owned.
That might be the centerpiece of
the table in my Next boat…
if it fits.

Tables are cool, you know.
You can play scrabble on them,
and stuff like that.