David Reo Bryant

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On this page you can hear my GrandFather, David Reo Bryant, (sitting on the wagon, closest to the camera)
recall some family history and events from his early years.
My Great Grandfather, David Elliot Bryant, is standing to the left with his hand on the horse.

In 1982 and 1983, after leaving The Farm and moving into Seymour, IA, Grandpa recorded a few hours of thoughts.
I recieved a 3rd Generation copy of the tapes, which were of poor quality as my Dad believed
a $10 Tape Recorder from Wal-Mart is 100 Times better than a $1000 Tape Recorder from Nakamichi.

Using my Nakamichi deck, input them into my computer using Turtle Beach DSP hardware.
Then, using Sonic Foundry software, I gently took the WaveForm of the tape hiss and removed it.
This took about 4 passes per tape, as I had to try and figure out the tape-hiss signature of each copy and lower it's volume by 10db starting with the most recent copy and working back. Fortunately, I'd already spent countless hours doing this to Grateful Dead bootleg tapes... If GrandPa is watching, I'm sure he'll go look up Jerry Garcia and they'll both have a good laugh. Believe it or not, I think they'd get along just fine.

GrandPa came out sounding Really Good! My Dad's introduction didn't, due to the quality of the original recording.
You see, the tape noise often displaces the actual recording,
and there's a fine line between removing noise and keeping the recording intact.
You can hit a point where we all sound like Martians on Helium sitting in a room full of Electric Mosquitoes.
I think Dad just used a really cheap microphone.


Intro by David E Bryant (My Dad) mp3 format 570 KB Rather poor quality
Early Memories mp3 format 4.2 MB David Reo Bryant, 1982
About George Elliot Bryant mp3 format 2.7 MB  
About David Elliot Bryant mp3 format 3.33 MB  
About Bessie (My Grandma) and Kids mp3 format 2.3 MB  
Mabel Speaks mp3 format 3.3 MB  
A Bit about Himself mp3 format 1.3 MB  
A Mention of Recent Experiences mp3 format 1.5 MB  
Bryants and Local History mp3 format 1.5 MB  
Shelbina mp3 format 3.0 MB  
About the Kids mp3 format 2.4 MB  
End Tape 1 - Story about His Father mp3 format 2.7 MB  
The second tape was done the next year.      
Intro to Tape 2 -- About Cows mp3 format 2.01 MB David Reo Bryant, 1983
Father's Store and The Big Wind mp3 format 2.9 MB  
Washington mp3 format 4.6 MB  
New Years Party mp3 format 1.5 MB  
Return trip from Shelbina mp3 format 2.0 MB  
Working the Threshing Machine mp3 format 1.7 MB  
Getting the Marriage License mp3 format 1.2 MB  
Livery Barns and Selling the Mules mp3 format 5.0 MB  
Bessie's Chickens mp3 format 1.5 MB  
Mining Coal mp3 format 8.9 MB  
Moving the Horses mp3 format 580 KB  
First Airplane and the Fire in Seymour mp3 format 2.7 MB  
The Radio mp3 format 3.8 MB  
The Drought in 34 and 36 mp3 format 2.8 MB  
The Winter of 36 mp3 format 2.8 MB