July 2010: Holiday BBQ in Bahia Burro and Isla San Marcos

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Cricket came back down from the U.S., to spend a little time
cruising the Santa Rosalia to Bahia Concepcion area.

There's a party in Bahia Concepcion on July 4. Geary, who does the weather on the Sonrisa Net, lives in a little palapa on the beach in Bahia Burro in Bahia Concepcion. Every July 4 he hosts a party.
More on that later.

This picture was taken by Bernard Slabeck on Simple Pleasures.
Thanks, Dude.

This was an early birthday present.
I finally have the entire Travis McGee set on board Stella Blue.

John D. MacDonald wrote 21 Travis McGee books before his death in 1986. For some reason, all of the books were reprinted *except* for "The Empty Copper Sea." For years, I searched new and used bookstores for the 17th book in the series, and began to wonder why it wasn't available. It was a mystery.
What is so special about this book? Now I know.

Cricket found it on an on-line auction, brought it down, and we spent some time living withTravis McGee.




Every July 4, Bahia Concepcion's El Burro anchorage fills up with boats and boaters looking for free hot dogs.

Okay, really, it's a pot luck party, but Geary from the Sonrisa Net provides the hot dogs.

The turnout was a bit light this year, with only 27 boats. Apparently, last year's party got a little out of control when someone accidentally set off an entire bucket of fireworks, sending rockets in every direction
and setting Geary's palapa on fire.
I wish I'd been there, it sounds like fun.
Also, last year was incredibly hot, with absolutely no breeze.

In 2010, though, we were blessed with nice 5-10 knot breezes from the SouthEast, keeping the entire bay cool. So it was very comfortable, and we spent a week exploring some of the other anchorages around Bahia Concepcion.



Bahia Burro is about
halfway down
Bahia Concepcion,
with many nice places
to hang out.








the inflatable seal
graced Stella Blue's





If you don't catch a fish, you have to eat chicken.

It's easiest to jump overboard and clean it in the water. All the mess stays outside the boat.

The water was 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was jumping overboard all the time, just to cool off.


The boat was covered in barnacles, and Stella Blue lost over a knot of speed. That was pretty annoying, since I'd painted the bottom only eight months earlier.

Bottom paint is a very common topic of conversation. In this warm water, foul stuff grows really quickly. I had an entire ecosystem growing on the bottom of my boat. In places it was nearly an inch thick.

Next time I'm near a good dive shop, I'll pick up a Lycra hood for my head. After this job was done, I was covered in small crabs and other critters, and was combing little wriggly things out of my hair. Yuck.


If you can't hook a fish, just jump in and spear one.

It's not as easy as one might think.

Despite thousands of dives with scuba, I've only hunted with a camera.




I'm getting better at it, though.







There aren't as many cool anchorages around Santa Rosalia, so many cruisers hang out near Isla San Marcos.






We pulled into an anchorage, loaded a hook up with a hunk of Bonito meat, and tossed it over the side. Before I could set the reel down, a Spotted Sand Bass hit.

These guys are part of the Grouper family. They taste great, although they never get bigger than two pounds. It takes about four of them to make a good meal.

We spent the next hour hauling them in, and had a nice dinner.


And then, the bees invaded.

There were six boats in Sweet Pea anchorage,
and the bees chased us all out.




Now, at the first sign of bees, the screens go over the ports and hatches. It's a bummer, since the screens really cut down the breeze, but it's better than having hundreds of bees inside.

I'm going to stay in the Santa Rosalia marina for a few days, pull out the sewing machine, and make a good mesh enclosure for the cockpit. It's been on my to-do list for a while.



This sleeping sea lion was good for a giggle. We quietly snuck up on him, and he didn't wake up until we were twenty feet away.



July is just about over.

Cricket headed back to the states, catching the bus to the Loreto airport.

I'll be heading north, up the Sea of Cortez, towards Bahia Los Angeles.

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On the way up,
we caught a
good sized Bonito.
I won't eat these any more. They're too bloody and mushy. They make good bait, though.