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July 2014
Gee, After 14 months, an update to the site

May 2013
The year of the cat

September 2012
Making Corned Beef from scratch in Mexico

July 2012
Being a Marina Rat

May / June 2012
Single Handing back to Baja

April 2012
Finally -- the winter cruising season update

November 2011
Waiting for parts in La Paz

October 2011
September Haul Out for a New Bottom

September 2011
Welcome to Puerto Escondido (BANG .... huh?)

Augusto 2011
My worst Chubasco yet
August in Santa Rosalia

July 2011
La Paz to Santa Rosalia - Again

June 2011
Galaxy Quest redux - the 2010 winter season recap

January 2011
La Paz to Banderas Bay again

November 2010
Blog 25 - Repairs, Projects and Food in La Paz
Macerator Pump - Seven Years Later
Chile Verde Recipe
Curry Shrimp Recipe
The rest of October - back to La Paz - The World's Largest Burrito

October 2010
Time to head back South

September 2010
to Bahia de Los Angeles

July 2010
Just Cruising Around

June 2010
Running for 27N
To Bee or not to Bee

May 2010
Back in the Saddle Again
Get out of Mazatlan

April 2010
Blog 15 - La Cruz to Mazatlan

March 2010
Blog 14 - The Case of the Mistaken Tuna
Blog 13 - La Paz to Banderas Bay, La Cruz and stuff

February 2010
Blog 12 - Time to leave La Paz

January 2010
Blog 11 - Umm, I'll come up with a name later. Check Out the Whale Pic.
Blog 10 - Hanging in La Paz for the Holidays

December 2009
Holiday Yams from the tropics, with Pineapple Banana Coconut glaze
Blog 9 -Cabo to La Paz

(P.S. I lost the hard drive on my laptop. No problemo, tengo backups y dos computers.
But email backups were done just before leaving Cabo, so if you sent me an email between 12/2 and 12/18, please resend. )

November 2009
Blog 8 -- Stuck in Cabo *updated 12/2*
Float Plan Page
Blog 7-- Baja Haha to Cabo

October 2009
Blog 6-- Santa Barbara to San Diego - Fog

September 200n9
Blog 5 -- Fear and Loathing in Santa Barbara

August 2009
Blog 2 -- Final preparatios

Blog 3 -- San Francisco to Santa Barbara

June 2009
New "Blog" home page
Blog 1 -- Imagine No Possessions

April 2009
I'm busy fixing up my place for sale. No boat projects,
and I'm not *about* to start a bunch of home improvement pages. See you in May.

March 2009
Jerry Can Covers
DIY Jordan Series Drogue
Little BBQ Table
Main Cabin Awning
Sunbrella First Aid Kit

February 2009
Knife Rack
Spice Racks

Making new boat cushions
Cheap head rests

January 2009
Cabin Sole - revisited
SSB Ground Plane / Counterpoise

Generic Spartite equivalent
Teak shelf on the transom

2008 Haul out - rebed the keel

December 2008
Nautical Flags
12 Volt Digital TV Conversion

November 2008
Foredeck Sun Awning

October 2008
Dinghy Hanging Bridle

Monitor Self Steering ( Cool !!! )
Fridge / Freezer on 22 Amp Hours a day

Building the fridge counter top and hatches
Refrigeration Circulator Fan
Wiring the fridge
Baskets for the fridge

September 2008
Pockets, Pockets, Pockets
Expand port bench into twin sized bed
V Berth Headliner - Sunbrella

August 2008
Little bag for dinghy oars
Making Lee Cloths
Medicine Cabinet in the head
A "Hanging" Wet Locker
Completely Revised: Connections for little tiny instrument wires
Sliding Salon Cabinet Doors
Paint new non skid on the decks
Solar Panels - Phase 2
Blocking Diodes for Solar
Updated NMEA setup, after adding Multiplexer and AIS

July 2008
Not boat related --
A celebration of the life of the k/c Stella Blue

June 2008
Main Cabin Table
Renew all the Hatches
Solar Panels Phase 1 - on the dodger
Connectors for little tiny instrument wires

May 2008
Making Jacklines
Companionway boards and sill

March 2008
Gas BBQ from the big tank

January 2008
Converting from CNG to Propane
New Galley Stove

December 2007
More Cockpit Speakers

Not Boat Related -
the k/c Stella Blue and Pemphigus Foliaceus

November 2007
Sole Wars Episode VI: Return of the Cockpit
Main Cabin Cork Board

October 2007
Cockpit Drains Forward

August 2007
Easy Homemade Gate Pulls
Galley Cutting Board - Counter
New Raritan PH II Head

July 2007
My NMEA settings and documentation
Head Cabinet Doors
Cheap Window Covers
Head Door Mirror

May 2007
Finish Quarterberth Lining
Lonesome Dove

March 2007
New Helm Seat
Quarterberth clothes cabinet

February 2007
Replace cabinet doors in the galley
Water pressure and plumbing
Galley Faucet
New Isotemp water heater

January 2007
I dropped my camera and it's dead. Have new camera, don't understand all the buttons.

December 2006
Keeping my insurance company happy

November 2006
Install the new second house bank
Re-install the prop shaft key
Raise the bridge deck

October 2006
The new exhaust system (whew)

September 2006
A few notes on wiring up the new engine

August 2006
Tuning the Tachometer

July 2006
Rebuilding Companionway Steps into trick storage boxes
Engine Control Cables

June 2006
New Engine Room -- Miscellaneous stuff over the last six months
2006 Haulout

May 2006
Build new engine stringers

Sole Wars: Episode V: The Grinder Strikes Back

April 2006
New Stuffing Box
New Prop

March 2006
New Pedestal and Steering
Replace the rudder thrust bearing

February 2006
New Fuel Tank
Diesel Fuel Distribution Panel

January 2006
Engine Room Limber Holes

December 2005
Base for New Pedestal
Steering Stop Blocks
Gasket on Access Hatch at the stern

November 2005
Sole Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Balsa
Sole Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Mold
Sole Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Grinder
Sole Wars: Episode IV: A New Core

Pull the Old Fuel Tank
Remove the rudder thrust bearing - cockpit sole
Remove the Steering System

October 2005
Pull the engine
Preparing to Pull the Engine

September 2005
Port Quarterberth Lining -- Phase One
Galley Shelf and Storage

August 2005
Finally Finished the Dorade Boxes, by painting them...
Port Side AC run
Fix Rot in Aft Bulkhead

July 2005
Flat Panel LCD TV
IP Telephony
Steel Plate at the Mast
Amidships Deck Tang

Foredeck Toe Killers

Dinghy Tie-Downs

Sunbrella Eyeglass Pockets
Ankle Stap for outboard kill switch (trivial)

June 2005
New Suit
Music for Rude Neighbors

April 2005
Radar Mast

March 2005
Little Turning Block for the asym

February 2005
Furuno Radar Console
Finished the Awning

January 2005
Cockpit Seat Backs
new Stanchions
Move the companionway steps

December 2004
New Stern Rail
New Stanchion Bases, and bases for the new Stern Rails

Water Deck Fill

September 2004
Replace Leaking Windows with good Opening Ports

August 2004
Xantrex (Heart) Freedom Charger/Inverter installation

July 2004
Bus bars behind cockpit engine panel
Updated: Battery and Charging System Diagram

June 2004
New House DC Panel

April 2004
Starboard AC Wiring
Cockpit VHF Remote
Splicing little tiny instrument wires
Replace and Move AC Panel
Water Strainer
AC Shore Power

March 2004
Cool gadget -- Belt Tightener
Diesel Fuel Fill
Helm Cocktail Holders
Foredeck Padeye
Wiring the Running Lights

February 2004
Windlass Wiring

January 2004
New Nav Station from the hull up
Nav station cushion
Nav station curtain

December 2003
New Battery Box, Move House Bank One
Amidships Deck Drains

November 2003

September 2003
Sliding Bench Storage Rails
Windlass (hardware)

August 2003
Companionway Instrument Pod
Installation of the Nexus NX2 Server
Dedicated electrical panel for electronics
crimping connections
miscellaneous handy wiring stuff

July 2003
Spring (?) Haulout. Raise the Waterline, Sea Cocks and through hulls,
new Nexus transducers, Frigoboat Keel Cooler

June 2003
Replace the Slugs in my Main Sail
Sailing with the Americas Cup boats!

May 2003
I did the brightwork and went sailing. No projects.
Sorry, but it's finally time to sail the sh_t out of it.
(Actually, I'm tinkering in the evenings on parts for this and that...)

April 2003
New Holding Tank and Hoses

March 2003
New Main
Double the storage in my cockpit locker
New furling 90

February 2003
Making your own pawl springs

January 2003
Watertight Cockpit Speakers
Replace Grease Cup with Zerk fitting
LED Lights in Main Cabin

Favorites from 2002
New Traveler
Finally Finished the Headliner in the Main Cabin
Teak Trim and Lights around the mast in the cabin
U Shaped Galley (hooray)
Stainless Steel Hand Rails
Running Rig Page!
The Standing Rig Page
Fix the Grab Bar (dorade protector) At the Mast
Cabin Sole

Favorites from the year 2001
Limber Holes
Installing multiple bilge pumps


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